Despite ongoing trade-related concerns and political tussling, August was another good month for US equities.

The US economy continues to perform well, with healthy company earnings. The S&P 500 index – a key measure of the US equity market – rose to equal an all-time high in August.

Not all regions have fared as well though. Emerging markets fell, with Turkey’s economic and geopolitical troubles dragging down its currency and sending jitters through the emerging markets sector. UK equities also had a weaker month, with Brexit uncertainty continuing to rattle investor confidence as we move closer to the deadline for negotiations.

We see this range of returns from different asset classes as being perfectly normal. Although it might feel uncomfortable, periods where some markets move up while others move down are likely to become more common after several years of largely positive markets. This highlights the importance of diversifying investments across a range of asset classes.

Read more about how Nathan Sweeney, Senior Investment Manager, positioned the Architas Multi-Asset Active Fund range last month in a shareable client-friendly PDF.

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