Katy Howard was recognised at the recent inaugural Professional Adviser New Talent Awards for her remarkable charitable deeds.

Howard works for Wills & Trust, chartered financial planners as an administrator. Her professional background has largely focused on pension and investment administration as well as previously working in customer services. Howards is also involved in training any new members of the administration team.

Adviser Points of View managed to catch up with Howard after the event.

How does it feel to win this New Talent Award?

I think the New Talent Awards play an important part in the development of people entering the financial sector. To know that there is a board recognising the hard work and achievements of individuals, is a really special thing to have in any industry. I have been lucky to have found an employer that really focuses on personal development.

Wills & Trusts has taught me how important it is to have goals to aim for and I have implemented this in my professional and personal life. In June 2018, we created a Charity Committee which I have been heavily involved with, as well as doing fundraising outside of work, I feel very valued within the industry to be acknowledged for my charitable deeds.

Were you supported by your company Wills & Trusts?

When my brother sadly passed way, Wills & Trusts not only supported me through my grieving process but also when I started my charitable work. I was honoured to have been nominated by a colleague in the charitable deeds’ category for the New Talent Awards. To know that I have Wills & Trusts behind me really means a lot. Without all of the support of Wills & Trusts, I couldn’t have achieved what I have and I really believe I wouldn’t have won this award.

Do you have any advice for people entering the industry?

I’ve entered the industry as an administrator supporting the work of financial planners and I love the work that I do. At Wills and Trusts we always put the client first and our prime directive is to ‘do the right thing’ and through my time here, I have been able to form close bonds with our clients and their families whilst they put in place, Wills, Trusts and Investments.

Our clients aren’t just clients, they are real people who feel like friends and family. I’ve always wanted to work for a company that makes an impact to people and their lives and I know I have found that in Wills & Trusts. To know that I play a part in making that difference to people, really makes my job worthwhile and gives me a personal purpose.

Do you think the industry needs more advisers?

I feel the industry needs more advisers like the ones we have at Wills & Trusts. Our clients aren’t just numbers, they are real people. We believe in building and protecting legacies for future generations, one family at a time and the industry should always treat clients like individuals.