Listen to our expert panel discuss Brexit Day and beyond on a specially extended podcast.

Our latest podcast features a panel of our experts discussing events beyond Brexit Day, including the coronavirus outbreak and the US election, with implications for global growth and interest rates, and how investments could be affected.

You can listen to the English language version on SoundCloud and on all main podcasting platforms and apps including Apple, Tune In, Spotify and 3rd party apps on IOS and Android. Search for Architas Updates on your favoured podcast app.

Click on the player image below to listen to the podcast on the SoundCloud platform.

Presented by Sheldon MacDonald, CFA Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Nathan Sweeney, Senior Investment Manager, Jen Causton, Investment Manager, Solomon Nevins, CFA Senior Investment Manager, Mayank Markanday, CFA Senior Investment Manager, Alex Burn, CFA Investment Manager. Hosted by Lorna Denny, Investment Specialist.