Chartered financial panning firm Unividual has teamed up with charity MyBnk to help educate children and young people during Covid-19 on managing their finances and savings.

Despite the coronavirus outbreak putting pause on many activities in our day-to-day lives, London-based MyBnk and Bath and London-based Unividual have decided children and young people should not miss out on learning about their finances.

Together, the pair have launched a new campaign, Money Mondays, which will consist of weekly sessions providing money tips to children and young people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Interactive tools include a money quiz plus a ‘financial jargon buster’.

Parents who are home-schooling their children during the Covid-19 crisis will also be put at ease as the initiative will provide lesson plans and ideas to help them to educate their children on savings.

Unividual Chartered financial planner Simon Jones (pictured, left) said he has been home-schooling his children following the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Trying to come up with fun, educational activities throughout the week isn’t easy. So, it struck me this could be the ideal time to get families talking and learning about money together. Recent events has taught many of us the importance of savings.”

In addition, Unividual part-owner and marketing director Cherie-Anne Baxter (pictured, centre) said talking about money was a taboo subject, but the firm hopes to change that.

“It’s important we teach our young people what they need to do with their money so they can set themselves up for a brighter future and learn from the experiences of today,” she added.

MyBnk CEO Guy Ridgen said: “We believe that to properly manage your money, you need to start learning about it from an early age to make positive choices in the future.

“Families are the most important messengers in children’s lives but money is often a taboo subject. Partnerships like this with Unividual help develop the healthy attitudes and behaviours that lay the foundation for future financial capability.”

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